This committee tells about the issues of environmental changes. The environment is a complicated dynamic system, with many interacting components. Our knowledge of these components, of their interactions between them, and the relationship between people, resources, environment and development has undergone profound evolution over the last many years. Environment problems arise in virtually all sectors of human activity in both the developing and developed countries. In modem time society's interaction with nature is so extensive that it has given rise to what we know as the environmental question affecting all humanity. Environmental deterioration can be attributed to industrialization and urbanization, the depletion of traditional sources of energy and raw materials, constant population growth, the disruption of natural ecological balances, natural calamities, natural disasters the destruction for economic ends of various animal and plant species, and the negative genetic consequences of the industrial and other pollutants, which Saving our planet, Challenges and Hopes.

The Mandal/Block/Taluk Environmental Committee consist of 11 members, shall from amongst themselves, elect the following office bearers:

  • Chair Person
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Joint secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Members


  • Chairperson:  Conducting the meetings for the particular Committee. Supervising, guiding and advising the committee members to run the Committee with discipline to achieve the goals as per the aims and objectives of the trust.
  • Vice-Chairperson: In the absence of the Chairperson the Vice-Chairperson will perform the duties of Chairperson.
  • Secretary: To maintain the records of the committee, scheduling the meetings and communicating with the Committee members of all activities of the Committee for conducting meetings.
  • Joint-Secretary: In absence of Secretary he/she will perform the duties of Secretary
  • Treasurer: Maintenance of accounts, revenue and expenditure records.
  • Member: Members shall attend the meetings and office on time to time based on the work given by the Committee. Members of the Mandal/Block/Taluk Environmental Committee shall be travel anywhere in their respective Mandal/Block/Taluk based on the project work needed.


Functions of Mandal/Block/Taluk Environment Protection Committee:

  • At a community level works.
  • At the Mandal/Block/Taluk level it is an advocacy and lobby group on environment issues
  • At the national level it campaigns and lobbies on policies affecting natural resources of the country
  • At an international level, it networks with human rights and indigenous peoples groups to strengthen a global collective voice of the marginalized.


District Environmental Committee will form the District/Mandal/Block/Taluk/Village Environmental Committees and monitor the activities of District/Mandal/Block/Taluk/ Village Committees.


The Mandal/Block/Taluk Environment Protection Committee of all the Mandal/Block/ Taluk will submit their reports to their District Environmental committee.


The Mandal/Block/Taluk Committees will collect all the required personal data like address proof, educational qualification, PAN card, IT returns, personal profile, social standing of the prospective members of the Committee to District and it will submit to State Committee.


The State Environmental Committee will submit all documents to National Environmental Committee.


All the Environment Protection Committees will work under the supervision, advice and guidance of the National Executive Council. Members of the Mandal/Block/Taluk Environmental Committee will be travel in their respective Mandal/Block/Taluk for approval, monitor evaluate the work at various levels assist the National Environmental Committee.


All the records of the meetings conducted along with minutes of the meeting and resolutions if any shall be in possession of Secretary. The quorum required to conduct the meetings is 2/3rd of the active members. The time period to conduct the meetings is at least once in a month.


All the office bearers have to attend the office everyday regularly to perform their duties.

Note : Office expense to be shared equally by all the members of Mandal/Block/Taluk committee and sub-committee.

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