The Board of Directors shall form the MANDAL/BLOCK/TALUK COMMITTEE and also elect the Chair person of the Mandal/Block/Taluk Committee. Term of the Council is subjected to a maximum period of 3 years. Post completion of the term, he/she is eligible for reappointment respectively.

The Mandal/Block/Taluk Committee consisting of 11 Chairpersons of Mandal/Block/Taluk Sub-Committees, will be working directly under the supervision, advice and guidance of the DISTRICT COMMITTEE. Mandal/Block/Taluk and the Sub-Committees will work on the various projects to extend the help to the needy at the village level to fulfil the aims and objectives of the Trust. Formation of State, District, Mandal, Taluk, Village level committees is the responsibility of the National Executive Council.

The MANDAL/BLOCK/TALUK COMMITTEE consists of 11 members, who among themselves will elect the following office bearers:

  • a) Chairperson
  • b) Vice Chairperson
  • c) Secretary
  • d) Joint-secretary
  • e) Treasurer
  • f) Members



  • Chairperson:  Conducting the meetings for the particular Committee. Supervising, guiding and advising the committee members to run the Committee with discipline to achieve the goals as per the aims and objectives of the trust.

  • Vice-Chairperson: In the absence of the Chairperson the Vice-Chairperson will perform the duties of Chairperson.

  • Secretary: To maintain the records of the committee, scheduling the meetings and communicating with the Committee members regarding all the activities of the Committee for conducting meetings.

  • Joint-Secretary: In absence of Secretary he/she will perform the duties of Secretary.

  • Treasurer: Maintenance of accounts, revenue and expenditure records.

  • Members: Members shall attend the meetings and office on time to time based on the work given by the Committee. Members of the Mandal/Block/Taluk Committees and all the Sub Committees may have to travel anywhere in the Mandal/Block/Taluk based on the project work needed and the respective Mandal/Block/Taluk allocated to them.


Under the overall supervision of the Managing Trustee, the Chairperson of MANDAL/ BLOCK/TALUK COMMITTEE shall have the following powers, functions and responsibilities at the Mandal/Block/Taluk level to represent the KOTA EDUCATION AND CHARITABLE TRUST (KECT).

  • To sign on behalf of KECT.

  • To exercise overall supervision, management, control and administration of KECT.

  • To design the project/program profiles of KOTA EDUCATION AND CHARITABLE TRUST and to initiate new projects, activities, programs etc, in conformity with the aims of KECT.

  • To finalize working arrangements and collaborations with other organisations, consultants and resource persons.

  • To deal with all matters related to deployment, management and development of human resources and all staff matters.

  • To determine powers, functions and responsibilities of the employees and associates of KECT.

  • To be responsible for all corporate communications, correspondence and public relations.

  • To implement the resolutions of the Board.

  • To maintain records and properties of KECT.

  • To manage the funds and maintain the accounts of KECT.

  • To exercise administrative control on all members of KECT.

  • To perform all functions entrusted by the Board and the Managing Trustee.
  • The Chairperson may delegate any of the above functions or those delegated by the Managing Trustee to any member and/or officer of KOTA EDUCATION AND CHARITABLE TRUST, with the approval of the Managing Trustee.

  • The Chairperson shall be the representative of KOTA EDUCATION AND CHARITABLE TRUST, to participate in Mandal/Block/Taluk Committee meetings on behalf of KECT. He/she might nominate any other member/official of KECT to discharge this responsibility.

  • Mandal/Block/Taluk Committee Chairperson should meet every Sub Committee at least once in a month to assess the work progress of the Mandal/Block/Taluk Committee. Any member failing to attend three consecutive meetings will lose the membership in the committee automatically. No separate notice or information to member about the removal will be served.

  • Office bearers of the Mandal/Block/Taluk Committees have to attend the office regularly. No Mandal/Block/Taluk Committee will interfere in the work of other Mandal/Block/Taluk Committee without a written permission from National Executive Council.

  • Any office bearer can leave the Committee voluntarily with 3 months prior notice. In case if any member is referred to disciplinary committee for actions not in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Trust will be removed from the designated post as per the disciplinary committee recommendations.

  • Trust has the right to take legal and criminal action against any member who makes false allegations without evidence.

  • Briefing to the Media will be done by National Executive Council Chairperson and the person authorized by the trust from time to time in writing.

  • All the records of conducting the meetings along with minutes of the meeting and resolutions if any shall be kept under the National Executive Council.

  • Chairman of the MANDAL/BLOCK/TALUK COMMITTEE shall execute his duties and responsibilities in consultation with the Managing Trustee. All the reports and resolutions submitted by all the Mandal/Block/Taluk Committees will be scrutinized and a final report will be submitted to their perspective Mandal/Block/Taluk Committee, it will be submitted to State committee, State committee will be submitted to the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COUNCI for further follow up.




1. Service Programme Committee
2. Self-Employment Committee
3. Water Parevekshana Committee
4. Health and Medical Committee
5. Property development Committee
6. Education Committee
7. Agricultural Committee
8. Political awareness Committee
9. Hospital Management Committee
10. Energy Committee
11. Environment Protection Committee

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