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About Us


Founder Words:

Kota Education and Charitable Trust was established for the Welfare and Development of the poor and needy in the Indian Society. The divine motto of Kota Education and Charitable Trust to imporve the quality of life of the people in distress. The fundamental principles and virtues of Kota Education and Charitable Trust are "Integrity in Existence", Social Welfare and Development from the Grass-Root levels. Obviously, the overall vision in establishing Kota Education and Charitable Trust is to furnish the fruits of development ot all categories of people in India, irrespective of Caste, Religion, Creed as well as region.

Basically, India lives in villages. The rural people are based on agriculture for their survival. But the fertile lands are held up in the hands of the rich those who are 18% in the Indian population. The rest of the citizens in Rural areas are landless poor and get their daily bread through labour for least wages. The wages they earn, can't allow them to obtain nutrition food, sufficient cloth and medication for their ailments. Hence, poverty has been deep rooted in India due to Socio-Economic imbalances in the society.

Infact, India has achieved a remarkable progress in the fields of Science, Technology and Education but this growth and development has not benefited the poors, so far. Really, it is time of test to India, because the whole world is looking at our country. Actually, the truth that can't be digested is nearly 30% of families in India are below poverty line.

The burning issues of the country are as follows:

  • Utter poverty.
  • Slums.
  • Orphans, beggars and shelter-less people.
  • Unemployment that is increasing day by day.
  • Illiteracy in rural areas.

Decades have been passed away many goevernments have been ruled but no changes have been occurred in alleviating the poverty and in increasing the standard of living of the people in distress.

Generally, the Intellectuals says that the system should be changed and reformed. Above all, Kota Education and Charitable Trust believe in the universal saying "Helping Hands Are Better Than Praying Lips". Therefore, the starving should be fed, illiteracy should be eradicated, reduce unemployment by providing opportunities to work. These micro and noble activities can change the society and lead it towards the empowerment.

According to John Keats "I have many miles to go and many promises to keep-up". So Kota Education and Charitable Trust determined to start with few planned programs in order to imporve the quality of life the poor and needy.

Based on the key issues, mentioned above, we are dedicated for the below said programs and priorities.


Home for the older people, orphan childern, beggars, etc., An "Ashramam" will be started in every Mandal/Block head quarter for caring the most neglected generation like children, older people, Mentally Retarded, Physically and visually disabled as well as beggars those who are in misery.

For this, initially, a baseline survey program will be conducted throughout the country, where the Kota Education and Charitable Trust Team go on survey. Food packets will be distributed to the helpless and starving people at foot paths, Railway and Bus stations, streets and near religious places, etc. At the time of food packets distribution, the personal data of the distressed people will be collected. This feeding program will be continued until the survey is completed. After the survey, the mentally retarded, disabled, orphans, older people and beggars will be cared at the Ashramams run by Kota Education and Charitable Trust.

The mentally retarded will be sent to the psychiatric hospitals. The beggars will be provided with Food, Cloth and medications until they are strengthened. Then they will be trained in skill development activites in order to make them self-sustainable trough skills learnt.

Orphan children will be joined in English Medium Schools run by the Kota Education and Charitable Trust These activites are aimed for the complete eradication of Beggary in India as well as to protect them from not being and Anti-Social Element.

2. Mini-Department Stores:

As the poor can' afford to buy daily commodities due to high prices, Kota Education and Charitable Trust planned to start Mini-Department stores at every Gram-Panchayat with the kind support of Kota Group. 10 to 30% subsidy will be given on every item to the poor people in order to minimize their burden in purchasing the grocery items.

3. English Medium Schools:

The people who belong to economically backward classes can't afford English Medium Education to their children because of fee burden in the private schools. Therefore, Kota Education and Charitable Trust planned to run English Medium Schools for the children of the poor with nominal free and free education will be given to the orphan children.

4. Natural Calamities Shelters:

A permanent Natural Calamities Shelter will be built at every Gram-Panchayat for protecting the people from Natual Calamities like Cyclones, Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Fire-Accidents etc. Food items to feed the victims for 15 days, a Generator, Blankets, Towels, as well as communication system will be arranged at every shelter as a precautionary action in advance. Therefore, the shelters will protect the people at the time of natural calamities by providing food and safety.

5. Hospital:

Sincere and dedicated Medical & Health services are not found in rural areas. Therefore, it is planned to construct a permanent 4 bedded hospital at every Gram-Panchayat with one Gynecologist, ANMS, Chemist, and other sanitary staff. 24/7 service will be given at Kota Education and Charitable Trust's Hospitals.

6. Solar Panels:

Paying electricity bill has become a burden to the poor. Hence, a solar panel(500watts) will be erected at every house in order to provide free solar energy to every family in the Gram-Panchayat.

7. Housing:

Permanent house is a dream for every one in the society. The Government's Housing Schemes are not effective in implementation. Hence, Kota Education and Charitable Trust planned to contruct G+3 Group houses to the poor and needy and allot houses on installment basis.

8. Safe Drinking Water Plant:

Rural poor are the worst sufferers from the disases generated by the consumption of polluted water. 90% of rural diseases can be prevented by providing safe drinking water to them. Therefore, it is planned to start a safe drinking water plant at every Gram-Panchayat for protecting the health of the people.

Concluding, Kota Education and Charitable Trust request the kind hearted and the Donor agencies to support our noble programs that aimed at the welfare and overall development of the people those who are socially and economically backward as well as suffering from utter poverty. Kota Education and Charitable Trust shall always be grateful for your kind support, encouragement and evidence.

In this journey I may face many hurdles, but I assured you that I will surely overcome each and every hurdle that comes in my way to strive away "Poverty" and to help the poor in every way I can do.


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