District Selection Committee

District Selection Committee will identify and select the groups, individuals, consultancy, study groups and training resource persons.  It shall be competent to know contemporary policies, trends of District NGO’s, networks.  District Selection Committee is responsible for scrutinising and selecting the individuals before inviting them in to the trust as members, selection of trustees, selection of service activities who can work as per the aims and objectives of the trust.  It also prepares HR policy, Organizational developmental policy and other related policies.

1.   Definition of Voluntary Sector
Voluntary Organisations, as per Nature, it include organisations engaged in public service based on ethical, cultural, social, economic, political, religious, spiritual, philanthropic or scientific & technological considerations.    
Voluntary Organisations include formal as well as informal groups such as community-based organisations (CBOs), people’s organisations, non-governmental development organisations (NGDOs), charitable organisations, support organisations, networks or federations of such organisations, as well as professional membership associations.

  2.  Characteristics
Voluntary Organisations with the following characteristics will be covered under this policy:

1. Registered organisations, groups, bodies formed voluntarily for serving the people particularly the poorest of the poor as broad aim and objective.
2. Do not work to earn profit from any of their activities either for the organisations or for its members or for its donors.
3. Receive/accept/seek donations, contributions, grants for specific programmes, activities, events etc., for fulfilling its aims and objectives.
4. Have independent governing structures such as General Body, Governing Body/Executive Body whose members are democratically elected and not controlled by any government department or personnel.
5. Have paid employees on part-time or full-time basis and volunteers for implementing its programmes with spirit of voluntarism and social commitment.
6. Have clear, enabling and equal opportunity and non-discriminatory employment policies.
7. Have transparent, standard financial management protocols and practices which reflects its integrity and transparency.
8. Working under the purview of the Constitution of India and the laws of the land existing for upholding the sovereignty of the District and for keeping peace and harmony in the society.
9. Fulfilling the statutory legal obligations to the government and to the people which are meant to establish transparency, accountability and responsibility.

Human Resources (HR) policy is therefore developed to provide an enabling environment for the professionals and keep their morale high to ensure that they contribute their best to the success of the organization. This HR policy applies to all members of KOTA EDUCATION AND CHARITABLE TRUST and will be continuously upgraded from time to time to meet the emerging challenges. It is a mandatory for all the employees to comply with the HR policy and its procedures.


  • Facilitate the implementation of human resource policy and its practices in a clear and sensitive manner to enable the achievement of the vision of KOTA EDUCATION AND CHARITABLE TRUST.
  • Build an enduring foundation for professional relationships in the organization and ensure continuity through the creation of a ready point of reference.
  • Build employee enthusiasm and loyalty.
  • Ensure consistency and uniformity in decisions on problems “that recur frequently and under similar, but not identical, circumstances”.



  • Put the right person in the right place
  • Train everyone for the job to be done
  • Make organization a coordinated team
  • Give security with opportunity, incentive and recognition
  • Look ahead, plan ahead for more and better things.

The District Selection Committee consist of 11 members, shall from amongst themselves, elect the following office bearers:      

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Joint-secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Members


  • Chairperson:  Conducting the meetings for the particular Committee.  Supervising, guiding and advising the committee members to run the Committee with discipline to achieve the goals as per the aims and objectives of the trust.
  • Vice-Chairperson: In the absence of the Chairperson the Vice-Chairperson will perform the duties of Chairperson.
  • Secretary: To maintain the records of the committee, scheduling the meetings and communicating with the Committee members of all activities of the Committee for conducting meetings.
  • Joint-Secretary: In absence of Secretary he/she will perform the duties of Secretary
  • Treasurer: Maintenance of accounts, revenue and expenditure records.
  • Member: Members shall attend the meetings and office on time to time based on the work given by the Committee. Members of the District Selection Committee shall be travel anywhere in their respective Districts based on the project work needed and as advised by their respective Chairperson.

Functions of the District Selection Committee:


State Selection Committee will form the District Selection Committee and the District will form Mandal/Block/ Taluk/ Village Selection Committee and monitor the activities of Block/ Taluk/Village Selection Committees.


The District Selection Committee of all the districts will submit their reports to their respective State Selection Committee.  


The District Selection Committees will collect all the required personal data like address proof, educational qualification, PAN card, IT returns, personal profile, social standing of the prospective members of the Committee will submit to state committee.


The State Selection Committee will submit all documents to National Selection Committee.


All the Selection Committees of will work under the supervision, advice and guidance of the National Executive Council.  Members of District Selection Committee will be travel in their respective District for approval, monitor the work at various levels and assist the National Selection Committee.


All the records of conducting the meetings along with minutes of the meeting and resolutions if any shall be in possession of Secretary.  The quorum required to conduct the meetings is, 2/3rd of the active members.  The time period to conduct the meetings is at least once in a month.


All the office bearers have to attend the office regularly to perform their duties.

Note :  Office expense to be shared equally by all the members of District committee and sub-committee.

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