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In the midst of rapidly changing circumstances in the human society to day, life of the poor and middle class people has become miserably questionable. At the time of such unprecedented crisis, it is our collective responsibility to rescue our society from further catastrophe. So, every sensible citizen of our country need to consider the deteriorating situation with a sense of humanity and just spare a little time for humane service for the cause of the most deprived and the underprivileged sections of society. Therefore, I humbly appeal to one and all and pray that each of you should come out to extend yeoman service to our society in general and to our fellow-men in particular.

Having born in a poor peasant family, I have experienced The miseries of poverty. I know what would be the fate of children belong to illiterate parents. In spite of being poor, I used to conduct adult literacy classes at nights for illiterate villagers even while studying my 10th Class at school. After a little while, I started a tailoring center for youth and women from where I embarked on a journey into social service activities. The then Mandal President Shri. Ch. B. Madhava Rao and Mandal Revenue Officer Shri. Y. Suryanarayana Rao extended their cooperation to my initiative. And the then MLA Shri. Neethipudi Ganapathi Rao had appreciated my concept of social services in my constituency. One day, our Mandal President asked me how I would move forward in my social work as long as I had to depend on my parents; moreover, I had to stand on my own feet so that I could serve others. Then I began to think about my personal survival and my social struggle and commitment to work. There was an unknown fire burning within me.

To begin with, I used to attend various meetings and participate in several programs organized by different business entrepreneurs and tried to follow their business intricacies. During those crucial days, I had acquired a lot of awareness concerning the nature of human society and the role and effect of political parties in the society. With the same inspiration, I used to discuss with many elite people about my personal progress and social services which I started in a small way. Most of them suggested that I should first think of and labor for my personal prosperity. Four years passed, I had acquired more experience than what I expected. Mean while, there broke out bad propaganda behind me in my native village. That had disturbed my peace of mind. It is true, as elders always say that sometimes, negative publicity gains more momentum than good deeds done. Then a gentleman convinced me that one day truth will certainly come out; and people resorted to mud-slinging will be exposed to bow down their heads in shame. He had advised me to move ahead with confidence. My youthful vibes inspired me to get into business. I started social service programs in that direction. I got one ‘Harika Enterprises’ registered at Kakinada. While the service programs were going on, one day I came across an old couple begging on the streets. I was mentally disturbed when they broke out their pathetic story, driven them to begging. After this incident, one night, around mid-night I saw a 3 year old girl, a 4 year old boy and another little girl at Kakinada Bus Stand. Suddenly, I noticed a scavenger woman was making these little children clean the bus stand and stuff in the garbage into large stinking garbage-bins. It was a heart-breaking scene and a hair-raising experience for any on-looker. I could not restrain my tears as it was a life-time miserable memory. In consequence, I could not concentrate on my fresh business. I could not stay apathetic to such heart-rending situations. I closed down the business just in 15 days.

At last, I decided to continue the social service programs more seriously than before, with more sense of determination and concern to do my legitimate part for the benefit and welfare of the poverty-stricken masses of he society. In pursuit of these objectives, I considered and discovered various feasible strategies such as establishing low-investment business enterprises so as to divert and reinvest those profits for the relief and welfare schemes for the benefit of the poor and destitute. Although, I did not have required money, sufficient investment and infrastructure, I had come up with some specific resolutions such as:

Whatever I do, the entire concept and benefit much reach every individual beneficiary; and it must be in favour of the people, should not stand against them. I always believe that one must pursue things according to one’s conscience. Earning money or possessions does not matter; but it is the trust and credibility that matters. This formula had worked out well. In this order, I had never got disappointed with my work when we conducted free medical and health camps at Bhairavapalem and Masanithippa of East Godavari Disttrict as well as tribal provinces of Rampachodavaram, Maredumilli, Devipatnam, Manakalagudem etc in the remote forest agency.

I must revamp and revise my plan in a stable and comprehensive way by choosing certain specific number of poor peasant families towards long term sustenance of the people and the program as well.

It was with that vision and objective in mind, I arrived at Visakhapatnam in 1998. Soon I came in contact with a Lawyer in the local court. We became good friends. Then one D.S.O’s wife encouraged me on observing my nature and work ever since.

I was given an opportunity to join in the business of most successful business entrepreneurs as their working partner in Visakhapatnam. Their trust and compassion reposed on me is overwhelming. Since then, I have never looked back. Almost 80% of my business returns and dividends have been allocated for the social service activities. One day, I suddenly realized that my target groups started growing rapidly and therefore I felt the need for more financial and moral support to achieve my aims and objectives. I devised a strategy to contact with the Telugu NRI’s settled in foreign countries through internet. I shared with them all my views and future plans for the expansion of my services. Within a short span of time, I have been acquainted with hundreds of Indians and foreigners across the world.

In course of these events, yet another turning point came across in my mission with one Mr. Srikanth who is a Green Card NRI with foreign citizenship. With the cooperation of Mr. Srikanth, I could explore and identify a good number of wealthy and intellectual NRI’s from about 40 foreign countries. In coordination with these committed Non-Resident Indians, their unflinching support and their incredible promises, we have established this TRUST and dedicated exclusively for the cause of the poor and the destitute; underprivileged and down-trodden; economically backward and weaker sections; irrespective of caste, creed and culture.

I believe that this Trust would erase and wipe off social and economic inequalities of all forms as it is one of the top priorities of the Trust. Because, I remember my beloved father who was a poor peasant. I still recollect the days when the sons of our landlords used to address my father in impolitely vulgar vernacular whenever they came to my house to fetch my father for their work. But my father used to receive them with respect, obedience and courtesy. I had the courage to bear all that because we belong to the most oppressed community. There is still an unanswered question that has been haunting me ever since the children of those landlords should behave so arrogant, uncivil and rude that they subject fellow beings to such inhuman humiliation. Therefore, I resolved to initiate, launch and establish a large-scale operative charity institution. But the poor and helpless in me often pulled me back by saying that it could be a mission impossible.

Nevertheless, being undeterred, I have always wanted to be resilient and rebound to fight like Mahatma Gandhi who fought against the belligerent British rulers to liberate India from the 300 years of bondage. Similarly, I too have the same will-power, confidence and determination that every peaceful revolution fought with a sense of proportion and a comprehensive vision and a pre-meditated mission will be sure to succeed beyond human imagination. I believe that this Trust is treading the same path of human welfare, progress and prosperity.

Gradually, I have sharpened my vision which enabled me to establish and operate around 15 kinds of business organizations for not only my livelihood but also my social initiative. After a short while, I spent a very little time for my business assignment and began to spend maximum time and energy for the welfare of the people who look for help from the Trust. With this heart and soul, I got the Trust registered in 2008. Needed funds to organize social activities have been raised from the interested business firms from time to time.

The Trust will have to enhance its source of income by raising funds through the aspiring Members Admission or Membership Fee, periodical subscriptions, indigenous, international grants, Private, Public or Government financial assistance and grant-in-aids etc.

The Trust will raise or accept any huge amounts in cash or kind from any individual persons, groups or firms in the form of contribution or donation to stay strong and prepared for any urgent need or contingencies.

The Trust has abolished the rule of collecting monthly fees, keeping in view that it would be an unbearable burden on the members of the Trust; and so it is resolved that only the Admission Fee will be accepted in principle. No fees or subscription will be paid to any employee of the Trust or any poor individual which is prohibited by the Trust; as the Trust itself has to raise and secure funds and grants only through legal means in adherence to the Constitutional provisions.

The Trust has ear-marked a permissible share/part of Trust funds to be payable to the employees of the Trust towards honorarium. Each employee is eligible to receive such specified honorarium at least once in 6 months. There shall be some fluctuation or variation in the amount payable in the form of honorarium. The employees are expected to extend their full time services.

The Trust has made official arrangements for the ‘In-charge Members’ to pay specified honorarium every month; and there is provision of T.A and D.A in addition to the regular honorarium.

All the Trust Members shall have to attend all the meetings convened by the Trust from time to time. At the same time, the Members are allowed to commit themselves for their personal work, if necessary, while paying absolute attention to the activities, duties and responsibilities of the Trust.

The Trust is committed to work and serve the people of Mother India. In addition to this, the Trust is contemplating on the necessity and urgency of Rural and Tribal Development in all possible spheres.

It is the accepted truth that, if we utilized our natural sources and human resources properly with honesty and wisdom; without corruption in word and deed, India would stand at the zenith of honor and glory by now.

But unfortunately, the rulers of the country and the leaders of the nation at the top have not succeeded in building a strong governance of sanctity and credibility. Had we known how to protect, explore and utilize the natural and human resources in a perfect and constructive way, India would have achieved meticulous development, miraculous progress and greater success of everlasting sustenance.

It is believed that our political system has weakened our national federal structure, hence its policies have brought down the people’s aspirations, time and energy to vanity, rather than providing basic necessities and human amenities to the citizens of its own country.

Moreover, various political manifestos have miserably failed to fulfill the genuine promises made to the people; rather the so called major, recognized political parties have turned the people lazy and lethargic by promising ‘food-for-work packages’ artificially, spending huge amounts of government exchequer, televisions, laptops and many such false schemes announced at the time of elections rather than contemplating on providing proper Health, Home, Education Occupation, Vocation and Employment to each of the citizens.

The Trust shall not indulge in any politics or join any political party. But the Trust is committed to identify, choose, train, prepare and equip and support the candidature of indigenous leaders of good social and moral standing to contest in all the cadres or positions of local administration, national governance to represent in all the State Legislations and the Parliament.

The Trust is looking for such citizens or eligible candidates who have no record of crime or corruption to represent the Trust in the State and Central Legislative Bodies to redefine the true democracy of equal justice.

The Trust is immensely pleased to urge and appeal to each Indian citizen that it is the duty and responsibility of every citizen to choose and elect an honest, humanitarian, educated and service-minded person to work for you and stand by you at the time of need as a brother or sister; as a father or mother.

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